Core Principles

The Science Bridge adheres to its core principles. We will create a work force that is all inclusive.

The Science Bridge condemns prejudice of all kinds, and it is our policy to provide equal opportunity to all individuals regardless of their race, color, gender, age, disability, religion, culture and nationality. Each member of The Science Bridge has a moral responsibility to promote equal treatment and to respect diversity. The Science Bridge prohibits the harassment and ill treatment of any individual based on any form of discrimination. The Science Bridge recognizes, appreciates and respects that different cultures have different values and beliefs. An integrated culture is important to us, and we acknowledge the rights of others to hold different values and opinions. The Science Bridge is committed to recruit and maintain a workforce which appreciates diversity, and in which all members are treated with dignity and respect. We encourage sharing of sentiments and discussions, all in the spirit of fostering better understanding between people. We as individuals are committed to each other’s success and encourage teamwork and cooperation, as it is critical for individual as well as collective well-being and success.