Andreas Draguhn

“Science is the best cure for ideology. Scientific statements do not come as declarations, but as an invitation to replicate, challenge, dispute and contradict them on the basis of better evidence. These inherent rules of scientific dialogue create a truly inter-cultural spirit in a world full of religious, political and economic divisions. Dialogue comes even easier when we share concern about urgent problems like severe human diseases. “What can we do about it?” is a truly unifying question for doctors and researchers worldwide. ‘The Science Bridge’ builds on these unique values to join scientists from western countries and from the Muslim world – an urgently needed encounter in these days! The bottom-up approach of “Twin Institutes” makes it a science-driven endeavour bearing all potential for a scientifically fruitful, lasting and unifying bridge between our cultures.”

Andreas Draguhn has studied Medicine, Physics and Philosophy at Bonn University. He then joined the laboratory of Dr. Bert Sakmann where he worked on the molecular physiology of GABA-A receptors. After receiving his MD from Heidelberg University in 1991 he worked with Dr. Uwe Heinemann at Cologne University, with Dr. John G.R. Jefferys and Dr. Roger D. Traub at Birmingham University, and at the Institute of Physiology at the Charité (Humboldt-University Berlin). Since 2003 he is Full Professor and Chair of Neurophysiology at Heidelberg University. His main research interests are neuronal network oscillations and the function and plasticity of GABAergic synapses.