‘TSB’ Ramon y Cajal Award: Winners

 ‘The Science Bridge’ announces the winners for the student competition ‘The Science Bridge’ Ramon y Cajal Award.

On the occasion of the Allama Iqbal Scientific Conference in Lahore, Pakistan, ‘The Science Bridge” presented a student competition with the ‘The Science Bridge’ Ramon y Cajal Award.

The purpose of this competition was to promote science among the young people in Pakistan. An international five-member scientific committee (Prof. Carlos Matute, Prof. Javier Felipe, Dr. Muhammad Zaman Khan Assir, Prof. Jesus Cortes & Prof. Mazahir T. Hasan) evaluated the submitted work for the award.

The Award Committee pre-selected 12 art-science submissions for the final award

Finally, the jury awarded 3 prizes in appreciation for outstanding creative work at the interface of Arts and Sciences to foster neuroscience research and promote social awareness. Check on the links for the art-pieces.

Congratulations to the winners!